Hailing from Ukraine, Peter Onysko is one of the most sought-after photographers in NYC: He set out to earn an outstanding reputation at home and abroad for his work as a professional photographer.

His body of work is known for distinctive traits such as a particular fondness for bright colors and highly expressive image that jump out of the frame with life and energy in his photography. Peter always strives to enhance the natural dynamics of the images through a gentle and attentive approach to colors and aesthetics. When the situation calls for it, Peter also enjoys the timeless elegance of black and white photography.

His flexible style allows Peter to feel comfortable and achieve stunning results at work within a wide variety of situations and with a wide variety of subjects, including head shots, boudoir, newborn & infants, weddings, events and ceremonies.

This young, yet experienced photographer is truly alb to seize the inner world within the characters and scenes he portrays, conveying the mood and turning a captured moment into a true, memorable work of art.

Peter (Originally Petro) is now ranked as one of the most famous photographers in his niche. He even had the chance to work within major events such as the Emmy Awards in New York City (2014) as well as the 49th and 50th editions of the world-famous Petroushka Ball of the Russian Chindren’s Welfare Society (in 2014 and 2015)

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